How it's made

Did you know that our antiperspirants do not have triclosan?

Since its conception, Above had always put wellness of its consumers in first place, and the proof of it, as example of American legislation, we don’t use any components that are harmful to human health, as Triclosan, in the composition of our products.

But what is triclosan?

Triclosan is an antiseptic agent developed to fight the proliferation of microorganisms, but it may harm our health, as skin and eyes irritation, besides having evidences of hormonal disruptor.

Therefore, we can count on 14 options of Above antiperspirants with fragrances developed with scents and oils that hydrate your skin and care for your comfort and protection.

Nossos produtos não possuem triclosan
Animal Respect

Animal testing to analyze any reaction of products to human health expose those living beings to pain, suffering and irreversible wounds. Those procedures are forbidden by law!

We, from Above, deeply respect all animals and do not submit our products to those tests.

Beyond that, our antiperspirants formulas do not have any substance of animal origin, they can even be considered vegan.

With that we acquired two official labels from PEA and PETA, entities who care and fight for animal rights.